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Sign-up Offers

There are plenty of opportunities out there which offer new investors or users sign-up bonuses or cash-back deals. Different platforms are doing that because customer acquisition expenses can really skyrocket while using traditional marketing techniques such as online advertisements. When offering registration deals for new investors and providing existing investors with invitation codes, platform is able to save money on such expenses and new customer already knows a little about the platform (so he’s more likely to stay) because the invitation came from existing users.

For investors looking to maximize their return this means that they can keep their money moving to boost results. And if they like the platform they’re already using, they are likely to bring their own friends as well. Below there are summarized all cash back offers related to platforms which were reviewed by me at some point. Refer to reviews section HERE.

For proper disclosure – using the links below to access the offers usually means that I’ll get the some bonus as you do. This money will be used to pay for hosting and keeping the site alive.

Alternative Investments

Mintos Sign-up Offer up to EUR 1,000For all investments made within 30 days after registration:
– Invest at least EUR 500 to get EUR 10
– Invest at least EUR 1,000 to get EUR 20
– Invest at least EUR 2,500 to get EUR 30
– Invest at least EUR 5,000 to get EUR 60
– Invest more than EUR 10,000 to get 1% cash back up to maximum of EUR 1,000
Grupeer Sign-up OfferEUR 10 + 1%For all investments made within 3 months after registration cash back 1%. Additionally, EUR 10 is given as sign-up bonus after the registration.
Flender Sign-up Offer5%For all investments made within 30 days after registration.
Reinvest24 Sign-Up OfferEUR 10 + 1%REVIEW NOT YET PREPARED
EUR 10 for sign-up and for all investments made within 1 year after registration cash back 1%
EUR 25 after first investment


N26 BankEUR 15Spend EUR 15 with N26 debit card
Monese Bankup to EUR 40Spend any amount with Monese debit card to get EUR 20
Spend EUR 500 with Monese debit card to get another EUR 20