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Hello fellow investors,

My name is Mark, I’m in my mid 20’s and working in the area of financial services in Bratislava (Slovakia) for about 6 years. I graduated in Tax Advisory and I’m fully qualified ACCA member. Everyone has some hobby and one of mine is alternative investments and portfolio management provided to my closest friends and family. I decided to start this blog to publicly express my opinion on certain projects and innovative ideas in Europe and to be held publicly accountable for my own portfolio goals.

Before I put my money in any project, I always spend lot of time analyzing it and trying to understand all related risks. Reading online reviews is the greatest help and an amazing time saver if you find the blog with honest and critical reports which can help you to make your decision. And as I was trying to utilize them, I realized that I have to put a lot of effort into finding site that provides unbiased and comprehensive reviews, which would actually help me. Unfortunately, most of the time I saw no added value and no effort to come up with something else that general information stated on platform’s website. Also, I got tired reading about rewards only, completely skipping any related risks or sometimes not even understanding the risks properly.

I believe that with a little bit of investigative work I can come up with an honest review of any project I’m interested in. Each review posted on this site was originally prepared by myself for my own purposes. And I decided to share them with you – even the ones after which I decided not to invest in the project. Moreover, each review will also contain my own recommendation or strategy I’m actually using.

To make things more interesting, I plan to share details about my portfolio development on a monthly basis as well. If you are interested, you can read about my portfolio goals and my current financial situation HERE.

I honestly hope that my blog will help you a little bit to make your money work for you more efficiently and safer. Or at least will be used in your morning coffee ritual.